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We provide the best quality pastics

We know what this is about and we know better than anyone how to do it

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01. Smart

Mulplast designs practical and intelligent products.

Designed not only to provide the best quality for your home, but also to be more useful.

02. Long Lasting

The secret is in the formula.

Thanks to the raw material we use, we achieved a final product of great durability, of high resistance to impacts and inalterable for a long time.

03. Accesible

Reasonable prices, quality at very low cost.

We are an Argentinean company, which guarantees excellent prices within its area.

04. A job

We give everyone a job.

Our company provides an excellent program for resellers, in addition to a company that grows day by day in job positions.

We offer plastics of better quality

Mulplast and its team constantly produce new and improved formulas which are translated to excellent plastic containers and accessories for your home or store. Always good quality and good prices.

We take care of the environment. Our company assumes a strong awareness about the care of the environment in which we live and so do their productions and all their facilities. REAL care of the environment.